Welcome To Go Ice Melt

At Go Ice Melt we offer specialist snow moving tools that are supplied from the Snowbelt area of the USA where moving snow is daily chore during winter time which means the products are built for the purpose and designed to provide year after year use. We believe it is far better to buy something to do the job than buy products that just aren’t up to the task and don’t last.

Our main partner is Yeoman & Company which was founded in 1929 and are specialist tool manufactures and have designed a complete range of snow moving tools that are high quality and built to last. The unique designs have come about through listening to users and modifying the tools to improve efficiency and ease of use.

Meet Our Team

JacquesThe Boss
Jacques is a product expert, scouring the world to find the very best in ice and snow shifting gear. Always on hand to advise and put together bespoke packages for your business or organisation.
MichelleOffice Manager
Michelle has more than 10 years experience in the snow and ice business and makes sure that your products arrive on time, every time.
John Warehouse Supervisor
John will work with you to ensure a smooth delivery at the right time for your organisation. No order is too big or too small!

Our Happy Clients